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Specialists in lime plaster and natural non-toxic paints, If you have old lime plaster, suffer from allergies, have pets or young children, or are passionate about the environment, then our services are especially for you.

We specialise in local, natural and recycled materials. The materials we prefer to use are free from the harmful substances present in many paints and allow your home to breathe, helping to prevent condensation and mould. Some are even mildly anti-septic and absorb carbon dioxide.

These qualities make our services particularly relevant to bathrooms, kitchens and existing lime-based substrates and can be applied throughout your home to provide a healthier living environment. They have minimal impact on the environment. Our lime plasters absorb carbon dioxide (unlike other plasters), our paints are natural and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and our recycled timber helps to reduce waste and consumption.

We are experienced and passionate about our services, as our many happy customers will tell you, and are always happy to offer friendly advice and free estimates. Call, text or email any time for free estimates and advice.


Broad Leaf Barn,
Petworth Road,
Kirdford, West Sussex RH14 0NU
United Kingdom

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Membership of The Eco Decorator's Association

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