Creating a bright exterior with Mylands Paint

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Mylands, Britain’s oldest family-owned and run paint and polishes manufacturer, founded in 1884, has unveiled a new Exterior Masonry paint available in a comprehensive range of colours, for Spring 2014. Expertly created for exterior situations using decades of paint and colour expertise, Mylands Exterior Masonry paint combines great looks with outstanding performance.

Specially developed for use outdoors on walls, brickwork and render, Mylands Exterior Masonry paint is hardwearing, weatherproof and mildew resistant. Extremely durable, it resists fading, cracking, peeling and dirt pick-up, leaving your home looking like new for years to come. Its low sheen level (5%) gives a beautiful flat matt appearance, smoothing and hiding small imperfections for a non-reflective, flawless finish.

Available in all light to mid Colours of London shades, Mylands Exterior Masonry paint is produced in the same colour palette available for interior paints; choose from neutrals, blues, greens, greys, yellows and pinks. For the first time, you can seamlessly continue the same look outside your home.

Highly pigmented and colour rich, Mylands paints are known for their ease of application, excellent flow and superior coverage making them a pleasure to paint with as well as look at. The water based, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) formulations are all environmentally friendly.

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Mylands Exterior Masonry paint is available from Spring 2014 and is priced £56.00 for 5L.

Other paints in the range which are suitable for both interior and exterior usage) are Mylands Wood and Metal Eggshell and Gloss, priced £21.65 for 1L, £47.86 for 2.5L and £76.45 for 5L

Available from independent decorating suppliers (search online for your nearest stockist), online at or direct on 020 8670 9161.

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