Help stop the slaughter of river dolphins in Brazil

Stop the illegal river dolphin slaughter in Brazil - WDC Infographic
Help WDC stop the illegal poaching of river dolphins in Brazil. Please sign the petition today! Visit the WDC campaign page and help stop pink dolphins being driven to extinction in Brazil.

Every year, thousands of Amazon River dolphins (botos) in Brazil are brutally killed, then cut up and used as bait to catch fish.

They endure unimaginable suffering. They are speared, cut and bludgeoned to death with harpoons, machetes or axes. Some are stabbed, and kept alive, tied to trees by their tails for days to keep them fresh until they are required for bait.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation are campaigning to end this barbaric practice and to protect the Amazon River Dolphin. Sign their petition - and let the Brazilian Public Prosecution Service know that you want the slaughter to stop.

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