WUFI Pro: Heat & Moisture Simulation Workshop

26/03/2015 09:00
27/03/2015 17:00


Roots and Shoots, Walnut Tree Walk, Kennington, London SE11 6DN


March 26th 2015 9am to March 27th 2015 5pm


Costs: £600-£700

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Event Description

Heat & Moisture Simulation Workshop
Assess Risk & Prevent Interstitial Condensation

Is the building you are designing or retrofitting:

  • traditionally built or a protected structure?
  • to feature a solid wall or unventilated roof buildup?
  • tall or in an area of strong winds?
  • damp or considered problematic?
  • to be fitted with internal wall insulation?
  • to be made very airtight and highly insulated?
  • to feature timber in vulnerable positions, like joist ends?

If you are concerned about interstitial condensation, mould or rot then you need to evaluate the risks with WUFI® Pro!

This two-day course - back by popular demand following two fully booked events last year - provides a practical, hands-on introduction to WUFI® Pro ‘hygrothermal’ numerical simulation. It is the world leading simulation software for understanding the risk of interstitial condensation, mould, rot and freeze-thaw in buildings.

Both days of training include hands-on workshops using the software, and you will get the full version of the WUFI® Pro software with an 6-week temporary licence, as well as access to support on the online WUFI® Forum for that period.

What can WUFI® do for you?
WUFI® Pro software allows the realistic simulation of the hourly hygrothermal behaviour of multiple-layered wall and roof systems. It predicts how heat and moisture transfer through the building fabric and what effects can occur when the buildup is exposed to realistic external and internal climate conditions. These effects include:

  • drying time of construction moisture
  • possible condensation problems
  • water absorption due to driving rain
  • moisture influence on thermal performance
  • long-term hygrothermal consequences of retrofit strategies
  • even mould growth in the building can be predicted using this model.

If you want to ensure that moisture will not build up in your design over time, this software will calculate the contributions from rain, solar radiation, other crucial weather events and internal conditions on an hourly basis, along with the physical properties of specific building materials.

WUFI® Pro is one of only two numerical simulation tools validated under BS EN 15026, the standard for hygrothermal numerical simulation software. It has particular relevance for those focused on insulation retrofits of solid wall construction, roof buildups, buildings in exposed conditions and conditions that can stress the building fabric (such as failures or leakage).

In BS 5250(2011), the Code of Practice for Control of Condensation in Buildings, it states clearly that the common but old-fashioned ‘Glaser’ or dew point assessments cannot assess the impact of:

  • buildings in ‘service conditions’ (i.e. real buildings in real locations)
  • short-term weather events (like driving rain and freeze thaw)
  • air leakage
  • hygroscopic materials (like brick, plaster, timber and many insulants)
  • orientation
  • construction moisture
  • material characteristics that vary (depending on changes in moisture or temperature etc.)

You can assess all these problem conditions with WUFI® Pro.

Topics discussed will include the vocabulary and fundamentals of building physics, practical examples with WUFI® Pro, interpretation of results, the market context for WUFI® in the UK, and a review of completed case studies.

Attendees will learn how to input a wall or roof, its orientation and location, and run simulations on different configurations.

Who should attend?

The workshop is open to all building professionals, e.g. architects, engineers, surveyors, insulation suppliers, system manufacturers, builders and anyone with a focus on fabric performance.

No previous experience with the WUFI® Pro software is required.

Course fees include the 2-day course tuition, course materials, light refreshments and lunch on both days, and the full version of the WUFI® Pro software with an 6-week temporary licence, as well as access to support on the online WUFI® Forum for that period.

Participants must bring a MS Windows-compatible laptop (on which they have administrator privileges) and will receive the full version of the WUFI® Pro software with an 6-week temporary licence.

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