Why being ‘Green’ doesn’t make us ‘Green’ - The Ostrich and other problems

16/04/2015 17:00
16/04/2015 17:00


Pollard Thomas Edwards (PTEa), Diespeker Wharf, 38 Graham Street, London, N1 8JX


April 16th 2015, 5-7pm


Members: £19.00
Non-members: £35.00

Event Description

A short, discussion seminar on the psychology of being green and the built environment.

The majority of human activity is goal-directed (Locke, 1969) and consequently, the process by which people strive for goals has been the focus of much social, cognitive, and neuropsychological research. Being ‘green’ is a national as well as personal goal for many, particularly when it comes to making our buildings more sustainable. However, despite these admirable goals, we struggle - both as a society and as individuals - to behave accordingly. In Yael's talk, she will explore some of the psychological research that can help us understand why this is happening with particular reference to eco-friendly building.

About the Speaker: Yael Benn
Yael Benn graduated from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow in 2003, with a
1st class BSc Honours in Computer Science & Software Engineering. After a few years in industry both in Glasgow and in Brussels, Yael returned to university (this time in Sheffield) and in 2010 completed a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. Since then, her research has incorporated both aspects of her training, and includes behavioural patterns and neural substrates of goal directed behaviour, and the role of language in high order cognition.

About the Organiser

The Green Register
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