Bite-Size session: Do you know how well your buildings work? The good, bad and the ugly of Post Occupancy Evaluation

11/06/2015 17:00
11/06/2015 19:00


Pollard Thomas Edwards (PTEa), Diespeker Wharf, 38 Graham Street, London N1 8JX


June 11th 2015, 5pm-7pm


Members: £19.00
Non-Members: £35.00

Event Description

The construction industry delivers buildings all the time; mostly within programme and sometimes within budget. But are these really the only two aspects of a project that matter when it comes to figuring out if it was a success? The difference between the design targets and the actual performance of a building can be as much as 200% (in the wrong direction) - when was the last time you looked over your shoulder to check what you’d left behind?

In a recent UKGBC article ( Sunand Prasad, ex-RIBA president, challenged construction professionals to 'transform the way we design, construct, manage and finance the built environment so that outcomes truly match intentions'.

The process of completing Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) studies is one way to reduce the performance gap by feeding back lessons learned to subsequent projects. POE can be challenging but can also bring significant benefits to everyone involved, particularly in terms of helping to fine tune the performance of the building to minimise energy consumption.

Speaker Kevin Couling - Regional Director of Sustainability, Buildings and Place at AECOM - will discuss why POE doesn’t happen (much), why it should happen (more), how to do it (properly) and what you might get out of it (understanding).

About the speaker
Kevin Couling is a Regional Director in AECOM’s dedicated Sustainable Development Group. He has 25 years’ experience in the construction industry and has been involved in a number of post occupancy evaluation programmes. As part of the Carbon Trust’s Low Carbon Building Programme, Kevin both monitored individual buildings and synthesised the findings from all subject buildings to author ‘Closing the Gap’, a client focused guide to achieving low carbon in-use performance. Kevin regularly speaks on a variety of built environment topics and has lectured on various construction related subjects at a number of Universities.

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