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Invisible Studio is an innovative and award-winning architectural practice founded by Piers Taylor. Taylor is a Chartered Architect, a former Studio Master at the Architectural Association, Design Fellow at the University of Cambridge, a founding director at Mitchell Taylor Workshop and a presenter for the BBC.

Invisible Studio aims to be a different organisation from a conventional practice. They operate through collaboration, experimentation, research and education. They work internationally and very locally, in a variety of fields and at a variety of scales.

With each project, they aim to realise something extraordinary. They are interested in going about the process of architecture in a different way – a way where clients, users, collaborators and makers are all part of the process of design. More than anything, they are interested in making unusual, delightful and intelligent buildings and environments that are thorough, considered and exceptional.

Their work encompasses a number of seminal buildings from ecologically sensitive self builds through to schools, public buildings and large scale urban environments, which have won a plethora of awards and been published widely and internationally. The work aims to push boundaries from material research through to wider environmental concerns. They aim to tackle issues of climate change from first principles, where big issues are addressed head on. In terms of technology, they prefer to use passive principles to aid building performance, and use these principles to define the premise of a building.

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