Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park


The 'Friends' were formed in 1990. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is truly the historic green heart of Tower Hamlets. 33 acres of Broad leaf woodland in a disused 19th century cemetery, surrounded by tower blocks and estates, where 1000s of people live. The Cemetery Park has an outstanding variety of wild plants and animals as well as plants which give clues to its history. The Cemetery Park is designated as a Local Nature Reserve and is now managed as a place for wildlife, education and people.

As a closed cemetery and one of the Victorian 'Magnificent Seven' it contains a wealth of beautiful, ornately carved monuments in sandstone, granite, and even Italian white marble with fascinating stories of the lives of those interred.

In the Spring, the park bursts into life all around the monuments with bulbs already in full bloom and the new season's wildflowers beginning to emerge. Pollinating insects, territorial bird song and woodpeckers drumming can be heard in the crescendoing seasonal symphony.

In Autumn, as the growing and breeding season comes to a close the monuments become the dominant feature once again as the vegetation dies back and the leaves fall from the trees. Winter is the best time to get in amongst the graves to find a relative or to marvel at the skill of the stonemasons of a lost century. There are marvels to be seen at any time of year.


Tel: +44 (0) 7904 186 981


Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park,
Southern Grove, Mile End,
London E3 4PX
United Kingdom

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