Winchester Fushion Choir Charity Concert

13/02/2016 19:00
13/02/2016 21:30


St Paul's Church, St Paul's Hill, Winchester, SO22 5AB


Saturday 13th February, 7pm - 9.30pm, parking available


Tickets £7

Event Description

Charity concert, starts at 7pm, chairman speeches, music ranging from old to new, raffle with fantastic prizes, bar

About the Organiser

We work with the poorest members of rural communities in the remote drylands of India. Water is the key to these communities’ survival and development. We work in partnership with local Indian voluntary organisations who, in turn, work in a participatory way with village communities, supporting them to develop practical, sustainable ways to access, and manage, water all year round.

In 1987, we started work in Rajasthan, the most water-scarce state in India. We have maintained our focus on this area ever since. We have worked in more than 900 villages, reaching more than a million of the poorest people on the planet. This year, we’re working in 53 villages, with 48,500 people in 8,900 households.

Over the years, in response to the unsustainable, unregulated extraction of groundwater, our work has shifted away from simply creating new wells. Today we have expertise in sustainable water supply based on rainwater harvesting; water safety; efficiency of water use; equitable access to water and other natural resources; and community-led hygiene and sanitation.

Our work pioneers low-cost, small-scale, locally-managed systems. By showing what can be achieved in challenging circumstances, we present models that can be replicated by communities living in arid and semi-arid areas throughout India and the rest of the world.

Please mention the Green Guide when responding to this event.

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