Lifton is the manufacturer of the Lifton Home Lift - a unique and innovative capsule-shaped domestic lift which has one of the smallest footprints of any home lift on the market making it environmentally-friendly and green.

All Lifton home lifts have been to designed to save on power and operate without hydraulics. They and are powered by an internal motor which plugs straight into the wall using a normal 13 amp power socket.

The advantages of a Lifton Home Lift

    A small footprint
    The Lifton Home Lift has a compact footprint at 0.8m² (1040mm x 760mm). That is great for placement options helping it blend beautifully into your living space.

    Plug and play
    Well, almost. Our home lifts plug directly into a domestic power socket. In the event of a power cut, battery back-up gently returns you to the ground.

    Self-supporting system
    Because of its vertical stilts, positioning a Lifton domestic lift is very flexible. It can tuck into the corner of a room, the stairwell void, on a landing or even in a cupboard!

    It’s very quiet. Shhh
    Thanks to easy-glide rails, built-in drive technology and mains power operation, the Lifton Home Lift is very quiet. Once you are used to it you will barely know it is running.

    Super-quick installation
    There is minimal construction work involved in the installation of one of our home lifts. It is quick too, with typical domestic lift installations taking no more than a day.

    A built-in drive system
    No visible hoists and no noisy motors. Lifton domestic lifts run using discreet wire rope hoists and built-in drive equipment all neatly concealed in the lift car roof space.


Tel:+44 (0) 808 250 4739


Building 5,
First Avenue, Pensnett Estate,
Kingswinford DY6 7TE
United Kingdom

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