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The purpose of a Case Study is to demonstrate what can be done and to inspire others to change to a more eco-friendly, sustainable and natural way of life or of doing business. It also acts as a shop window for your organisation and will be read by thousands of Green Guide users.

There is no cost for this - we do not charge contributors for this editorial. It an important part of the Green Guides because it demonstrates good practice, highlights different and successful approaches and shows readers what can be achieved. Case Studies will appear on this website and some will also appear in the printed editions. Please note that the editor reserves the right not to publish a submission and to edit submissions so they meet the editorial style.

If you would like to contribute, follow the brief below and submit your copy as an MS-Word or RTF file to

Brief for a Case Study in the Green Guide

Length: minimum of 400 words; maximum of 1000 words

Intro Paragraph: should name the business/service and describe your principal activity, project or product.

Content: The Case Study introduces your business or organisation and tells readers what is different and successful about your products, services or strategy. It can highlight a specific project or product or it can describe an approach or an attitude you have adopted that is eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical or organic. It should explain why you did what you did and can touch on the hurdles you had to overcome. It could also show how others can learn from your approach and what future developments might be. The text can show how consumers have reacted or how others have been drawn into the project. Or, in the case of a service or a producer, it can describe what you do, what makes you different and why you make the extra effort.

Please do not just supply PR materials or brochures/leaflets for us to rewrite and edit - they will NOT be used.

Sign Off: additional to the main body of text you should include contact name (optional) and telephone number, e-mail and website contact details

Logo: If you have a logo for your buisness, service or project please send it as a high resolution (600dpi) colour or black and white jpeg, tiff or eps.

Pictures: Please also send us high resolution colour jpegs, to illustrate your text, as appropriate. Picture credits and copyright info must be supplied if required. Please also supply captions. By sending us pictures you are granting us permission to use them on our website. Pictures do not normally appear in print editions - but we will advise you if we do use them to obtain any necessary permissions.

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