Winter Birdwatching Walk

10/01/2015 09:30
10/01/2015 11:00

Event Description

Our coldest season is a wonderful time to visit WWT London Wetland Centre, with the colourful winter birds decked out in their finest plumage. Our warden will guide you around the wildlife reserve to see what’s about and give you tips on field-craft and bird ID. Read more »

Oxford Real Farming Conference


Event Description

2015 sees the 6th annual conference: two packed days of inspirational, thought-provoking discussions, talks and debates; this year taking place under one roof at Oxford’s Town Hall.

In 2009 the agricultural writer Graham Harvey (now of Pasture Promise TV) invited Colin Tudge and Ruth West (founders of the Campaign for Real Farming) to help establish a new kind of farming conference. Read more »

Media Training (Public Sector, NGOs & Social Enterprises) Edinburgh

05/02/2015 10:00
05/02/2015 16:00

Event Description

This short course teaches how to improve your communications to create positive media interest (national, local, specialist & social media) and gain public support.

You will learn core media processes to help you with communication skills, campaigning and community outreach publications.

Participants will learn how to prepare and package media stories and examine any issues that might arise. You will learn how to communicate your story in a way that sets the media agenda, positively promotes your organisation and improves public relations. Read more »

Communicating Renewable Energy

28/01/2015 10:00
28/01/2015 16:00

Event Description

Renewable energy is a vital part of our future energy strategy. Despite widespread public support, opposition and misinformation continues to exist in the UK.

This course looks at the background to these issues, offers core information about key renewable energy technologies, and focuses on how to make the case for renewables both in terms of general publicity, and site-specific discussions.

People attending this course will learn how to:

  • Discuss the role and importance of renewable energy systems in a low carbon future.
Read more »

Volunteer Management Training

27/01/2015 10:00
27/01/2015 16:00

Event Description

Learn how to work with volunteers in new and exciting ways that help build your organisation, social enterprise or voluntary group.

Successful organisations and social enterprises are transformed by enthusiastic and engaged participation in voluntary work. Read more »

Permaculture Design Course


Event Description

The 2015 Permaculture Design Course at Keveral Farm marks 21 years since our first design course.

The course is a unique opportunity to live and learn with like-minded people in a supportive and beautiful environment.

It is set at a co-operatively run housing and land project with several ecological businesses. At Keveral Farm, you will see permaculture in action.

Students of the design course at Keveral have gone on to implement permaculture in many ways and many places. Read more »

People Care Permaculture Intensive


Event Description

Permaculture design for the self and our communities.

This immersive residential course will enable participants to confidently apply Permaculture design tools to personal and social settings. We will explore the role of nature connection in resourcing ourselves, our creativity and our design process.

Who is it for?
People who have already attended a permaculture design course or introduction to permaculture, with an interest in exploring the use of permaculture tools and design for personal and social projects

What to bring: Read more »

National Tree Week


Event Description

First mounted in 1975, National Tree Week is the UK's largest tree celebration annually launching the start of the winter tree planting season. Read more »

Understanding Eating Disorders Training

27/03/2015 09:30
27/03/2015 16:30

Event Description

Developed using our 25 years' experience in the eating disorder field this training aims to give you a breadth of knowledge of these serious mental illnesses which affect 1.6 million people in the UK.

Relevant for those working in the health and social care field as well as education, local authorities, retail, media, banking and health and fitness the course covers a range of material from understanding the development of eating disorders to how they are treated. Read more »

Farm Business Innovation Show


Event Description Read more »

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