Small Bytes and Apps Culinary Business Workshop

22/06/2013 14:00

Event Description

Ever dreamed of running your own food business? Spend an afternoon with serial entrepreneur and chef Wheeler del Torro to learn the ins and outs of launching your own food business.

WUFI Pro Heat & Moisture Simulation Workshop


Event Description

Is the building you are designing or retrofitting:

  • traditionally built or a protected structure?
  • to feature a solid wall or unventilated roof buildup?
  • tall or in an area of strong winds?
  • damp or considered problematic?
  • to be fitted with internal wall insulation?
  • to be made very airtight and highly insulated?
  • to feature timber in vulnerable positions, like joist ends?

If you are concerned about interstitial condensation, mould or rot then you need to evaluate the risks with WUFI® Pro! Read more »

Foraging and Cooking: Nettles & Elder Flower

13/06/2013 10:00
13/06/2013 16:00

Event Description

The morning will start with a wild food walk in Brogdale's 'Secret Cherry Orchard', discovering edible spring plants and their health benefits such as what happens if you drink half a pint of nettle tea a day.

The afternoon will be spent getting hands on learning cook with nettles and elder flower and how best to prepare them. This session would include Lucia’s exclusive recipe for nettle ice cream and other recipes from her book such as nettle soup, cumin, feta & nettle omelette and fritters.

Surveying at Night: Moths on the Wing

15/06/2013 21:15
15/06/2013 22:30

Event Description

Learn all about moths, help to set up a moth trap and survey, identify and record the moths which fly in.

Part of the Festival of Fieldwork, celebrating the British Ecological Society's Centenary Year.

Biodiversity and the Natural Environment: valuation, localism & engaging business

04/07/2013 08:30
04/07/2013 13:00

Event Description

Guest of Honour: Robin Mortimer, Director for Sustainable Land Management and Livestock Farming, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Read more »

Electric Bike Show

Eden Team members Ramon Van de Velde and Trudi Holden check out the new e-bikes in advance of the show

Event Description

The Eden Project in Cornwall will be hosting an electric bike show from Saturday, April 20 until Wednesday, April 24, giving visitors the chance to test out the latest trend in cycling.

The event will showcase some of the best new bikes designed to give cyclists an extra boost when pedalling, which is perfect for tackling the hills and inclines of Cornwall.

Electric bikes are conventional bikes that have an electric motor and added battery. When the cyclist pedals on an electric bike, the motor helps them to go further than they would under their own steam. Read more »

Global Sustainability Institute Research Conference 2013 'Big Challenges, Creative Solutions'

15/05/2013 09:00
15/05/2013 18:00

Event Description

Creative thinking in the redesign of individual and global systems is crucial to meet the scale of complex challenges posed by resources scarcity and environmental limits. Read more »

Plant Spirit Medicine weekend


Event Description

Exploring our spiritual connection with plants and delving into the world of Plant Spirit Medicine. Learn to connect with and listen to the plants; journey with the drum to meet their spirits; learn healing techniques working with these spirits. For both beginners and those with some experience.

Green Gathering


Event Description

4 days of fun, Music, Entertainment Networking, Healing, Speakers, Transition Towns, Award winning Children's Area, Craft workshops, run by the sun and the wind in a beautiful park on the edge of the Wye valley Read more »

Rhino Mayday 2013

01/05/2013 10:00
01/05/2013 17:00

Event Description

A day of talks and debates for anyone with an interest in wildlife conservation. Read more »

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