The Floral Fringe Fair

01/06/2013 10:30
02/06/2013 17:00
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Knepp Castle is itself the subject of a re-wilding project

Event Description

A wildlife-themed fair at Knepp Castle which itself is the subject of a re-wilding project. Over 80 stalls include wildlife eg Bumblebee Trust, Am entomologists, Natural Beekeeping Trust, Peoples Trust for Endangered Species, Bat Trust, Countryside Restoration Trust,Ancient Trees, Wildlife Trust, RSPB. Plant stalls. Local food producers. Pop-up vintage
tearooms/wood-fired oven pizzas/steakburger barbecue from the in-house farm/veggie pakoras and bhajis.

Visitors are encouraged to buy their lunch from our producers and eat it by the lake. Read more »

Dawn Chorus

28/04/2013 05:00

Event Description

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy our wonderful wildlife reserve before daybreak as we celebrate international dawn chorus day. Everyone, from people with a passing interest in wildlife to keen birders, can enjoy listening to the birds sing as the sun rises over the reedbeds, lakes and ponds. Read more »

Sustainable Building & Services Masterclasses - 1-day course


Event Description

The Green Register's NEW Sustainable Building and Services Masterclasses provide an ideal opportunity to learn about subjects that are relevant to your profession and skills at an advanced level.

Choose from a variety of topics on this one-day course, including:

  • Plumbing for Architects Part 1 - an overview of the main types of plumbing and heating systems in domestic and small commercial situations including core sustainable solutions - Cath Hassell, ech2o
Read more »

Bite size session - Code for Sustainable Homes


Event Description

The Green Register, in partnership with Pollard Thomas Edwards architects, is pleased to announce a brand new, flexible route to Green Register membership through a series of bite size training sessions designed to give concise training at a time to suit busy working professionals. Delegates can choose from a wide range of topics and can attend any number of sessions - the more you attend the closer you get to membership!

In this session Jean-Pierre Wack, Managing Director of Eight Associates, looks at the Code for Sustainable Homes... Read more »

Bug Hunt for Grown Ups!

05/10/2013 09:30
05/10/2013 16:00

Event Description

Everyone can enjoy a bug hunt! During the day you will hunt through The Regent's Park, looking in the trees, the grass and under logs to discover different creepy crawlies.

Autumn Wildflowers

28/09/2013 09:30
28/09/2013 16:00

Event Description

An introduction to wildflowers. This practical day will help you explore the different species of wildflowers in Greenwich Park.

The day is a combination of walks and talks where you will learn some identification skills with one of London's leading experts on wildflowers

Freshwater Algae


Event Description

This event will introduce participants to some of the diversity of macroscopic plant life in freshwater, including an illustrated lecture, sampling in nearby ponds and streams in Bushy Park for algae and then observing and identifying them under a microscope.

Fungal Foray

15/09/2013 09:30
15/09/2013 16:00

Event Description

Did you know that there are over 1,500 species of fungi in London? This beginners course will explore the environment of Bushy Park, showing how and where to find different species of fungi and examining their amazing lifestyles. A combination of walks and talks will help you to identify common fungi, and find out how to avoid the potentially dangerous species! Read more »

The Art of Botanical Illustration

18/08/2013 09:30
18/08/2013 16:00

Event Description

This course will introduce you to the techniques of botanical illustration. The focus will be on work in pencil, pen and ink as this forms the foundation of the work in different media.

This practical workshop in Bushy Park is suitable for anyone who has an interest in nature or drawing

A Botany Workshop for Artist

17/08/2013 09:30
17/08/2013 16:00

Event Description

This is a beginner's practical workshop in Bushy Park is suitable for anyone who has an interest in natural history and would like to know more about botany and how to recreate artistic images. It will demonstrate how the study of a plant can inform your artwork by helping you understand its structure.

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