Easter Biscuit Icing Workshop

24/03/2013 14:30
24/03/2013 16:30

Event Description

Get this spring off to a cracking start by learning how to ice your own set of beautiful Easter biscuits. Iced biscuits also make beautiful presents – and you can make the gift even more special by icing the biscuits yourself. Learn how to achieve a professional look with royal icing: a great skill when preparing for special occasions or making presents. Read more »

Life Cycle Assessment Workshops

10/04/2013 09:00
11/04/2013 17:00

Event Description

What is LCA?
Life cycle assessment (LCA), also known as life cycle analysis, is a technique for quantifying the environmental impact of a product or service over its life cycle; considering raw materials, processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair, maintenance and disposal or recycling. It is the basis of greenhouse gas assessments and carbon footprinting.

Importance of LCA Read more »

Out of this World

17/02/2013 09:30
17/02/2013 17:00

Event Description

On 17 February, visitors to WWT London Wetland Centre will get the rare opportunity to get a close-up, live view of the surface of the sun with the chance to see its famous sunspots and flares. The surface of this seething ball of nuclear energy will be displayed live on-screen using special equipment.

The display will be set up in the courtyard by Astronomia, specialists in astronomy equipment, using solar telescopes that can show the sunspots, prominences and flares on the sun’s surface in safety. Read more »

Advance Facilitation Training

14/03/2013 10:00
14/03/2013 16:00

Event Description

The course looks at the type of the work that a facilitator may take on. This includes designing events, getting ‘buy-in’ from those attending, and ensuring inclusiveness, with a special focus on dealing with problems and conflicts.

You will also be encouraged to develop your own strengths and facilitation style. Read more »

Masterclass for Dwellings: Compliance, Sustainability and Part L

20/03/2013 09:00
20/03/2013 17:00

Event Description

This very popular one day seminar is run by Mark Saich, whose extensive experience both as a Building Control officer and director of Green Building Solutions brings expert insight into the subject of designing high performing, healthy houses that will be future proofed against climate change. The emphasis throughout the seminar will be on down-to-earth advice to use in practice. Read more »

It's all in the detail - achieving best practice detailing for eco-refurbishments (Bristol)

15/03/2013 09:30
15/03/2013 17:00

Event Description

Do you want to learn:

  • how to achieve stringent airtight standards in retrofits?
  • which is the best way of insulating an external wall - inside, outside or the bit in between?
  • how the design team and builders can effectively communicate to achieve best practice detailing?
  • what happens to moisture movement when adding wall or roof insulation?

Architects and builders sometimes have an uneasy relationship on site - both think they know best when it comes to detailing! Read more »

Green Register Bite size session: Part L - Existing Dwellings

13/03/2013 17:00

Event Description

The Green Register, in partnership with Pollard Thomas Edwards architects, is pleased to announce a brand new, flexible route to Green Register membership through a series of bite size training sessions designed to give concise training at a time to suit busy working professionals. Delegates can choose from a wide range of topics and can attend any number of sessions - the more you attend the closer you get to membership!

In this session Mark Saich of Green Building Solutions looks at Part L - Existing Dwellings Read more »

Sustainable Building & Services Masterclasses - 1-day course

22/02/2013 09:00
22/02/2013 17:00

Event Description

The Green Register's NEW Sustainable Building and Services Masterclasses provide an ideal opportunity to learn about subjects that are relevant to your profession and skills at an advanced level.

Choose from a variety of topics ranging from Eco-retrofit across the Ages to Part L 2013 for residential properties or Plumbing for Architects. A variety of face to face learning methodologies are used including group work and breakout workshops with smaller groups and plenty of time is allowed for debate and discussion.

NEW - RIBA Advanced CPD status Read more »

Introduction to birdwatching

09/02/2013 09:30
09/02/2013 11:00

Event Description

his practical introductory course will help you identify different birds and to understand more about them. An expert warden will guide you around the wildlife reserve.

The course will focus on birds currently on site, their plumage, calls and behaviour. You’ll get tips on how to watch birds including how to behave, what to listen out for, and the differences between key species.

Bird highlights Read more »

Bike Week 2013


Event Description

Last year the nation fell in love with cycling; with more of us than ever getting on our bikes, inspired by our Olympic heroes. In 2013, we’re encouraging people across the UK to get their bikes out of the shed and fall in love with cycling all over again by taking part in one of the hundreds of Bike Week events up and down the country. Read more »

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