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Vauxhall Motors signs long term contract with vehicle recycling company Autogreen

The contract ensures that all Vauxhall vehicles handled by Autogreen that have reached the end of their life are disposed of and recycled using the very latest, most environmentally friendly methods and meeting the legislative requirements set out in the European End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive.

Vauxhall has been working with recyclable materials (recyclates) in its vehicles since 1990 and now thanks to its Design for Recycling strategy, more than 200 recyclates are used across the range allowing it to use 45,000 tons of recycled materials in new vehicles every year. Read more »

ZenRobotics Ltd delivers the world’s first robotic waste sorting system

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Dr. Harri Valpola with ZenRobotics Recycler

ZenRobotics Ltd, a world leader in robotic recycling, has raised €13 million from Invus, an international equity investor. Lifeline Ventures, a Finnish technology accelerator, has also participated with a minority stake. The funding allows ZenRobotics to grow and to commercialise its ZenRobotics Recycler product on a global scale. Read more »

Wasting billions of sheets of paper every year

Advances in technology led to promises that we would soon be living in a paperless society, with stacks of paperwork and mountains of wasted print-outs a thing of the past. Read more »

The Twister pedal-powered washing machine

This clever-but-simple idea is a handy washing machine that needs no electricity as it's powered by you!

Just fill with water, add clothes, add a little washing powder, and pedal gently for a few minutes. The result is clean clothes, and a little exercise! Read more »

A rugged, solar-powered radio that also charges your phone

Compact, rugged and showerproof

Whenever you're travelling, trekking, camping or glamping, consider packing one of these rugged Etón Raptor outdoor adventure radios. Read more »

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