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Aftelier Perfumes

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Tel: +1 510 841 2111
Email: info@aftelier.com
Web: www.aftelier.com

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Florascent UK


Florascent natural and organic perfumes combine pure flower essences and aromatic waters to create captivating scent compositions. Precious, organic raw materials produce unique scents, which are hand-bottled, hand-sealed and packed in unique hand-made paper containers. Read more »


Tel: +44 (0) 1557 870 203
Email: marketing@pravera.co.uk
Web: www.pravera.co.uk/florascent

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Rich Hippie


Rich Hippie is award winning organic perfume made with extracts from organic and wildcrafted plants and flowers. It is phylate free, preservative free, dye free, safe for your health and safe for the environment. Voted the top prganic perfume by treehugger.com, seen in magazines worldwide, and worn by beautiful women and men everywhere.


Tel: +1 310 475 7658
Email: sales@rich-hippie.com
Web: www.rich-hippie.com

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