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Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley


Founded in 1949, RSSKL has about 420 pupils from the ages of three to19 years. The school emphasises a well-balanced and broad education but, in the four final years, pupils are prepared for both GCSE and A-Levels. The school is well-equipped with a large theatre and sports hall, laboratories, arts and craft facilities and extensive grounds.

Michael House School


Member of the Steiner Waldorf Fellowship. Opened in 1934 and accepts children from 4 to 16 years. Pupils are prepared for GCSE examinations in the Upper School. Boarders can be accommodated in the homes of school parents. The school lies in countryside between Ilkeston and Heanor.

Rowan Tree Kindergarten


Provides education based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and the belief in children learning through play, using natural materials and protecting them from the pressures of modern life. Believes education is a journey and not a race.

Glasgow Steiner School


The Glasgow Steiner School offers an alternative education for 3-12 year olds that educates the whole child; heart, hands and head. The curriculum and teaching methods encourage children’s natural enthusiasm, wonder, self-confidence and creativity. The school atmosphere is unpressurised and caring - classes are small and the teacher stays with the class from year to year, providing continuity and security, so each child can develop at their own pace, making the most of their individual gifts.

Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School


Founded in 1946, the school is 12 miles from Birmingham, close to Kidderminster and the Black Country easily accessible by public transport. There are currently over 260 pupils, a number of older pupils from other Steiner schools may board. There is also a regular contingent of overseas pupils. Students are aged three to 17 and are prepared for GCSE examinations.

Bristol Steiner School


Caters for over 200 children from ages three to14 years. Provides a secure and unhurried setting for children to discover within themselves their own love of learning. The school consistently produces bright, resourceful, creative, well-rounded adults who have a strong moral sense and idea of citizenship and a respect for all life.

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