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Going Wild


Going Wild writes a series of books packed full of outdoor activity ideas to inspire children and families to enjoy and learn from the natural world. Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks (the authors) also run workshops for educators, give talks and participate in events aiming to spread the world about the importance of environmental education and re-connecting the next generation. Titles include; The Den Book, The Stick Book, The Wild Weather Book, The Wild City Book, The Beach Book, Run Wild, Make it Wild, Go Wild and Nature's Playground.

Eco-Schools Scotland


Eco-Schools is an international programme designed to encourage whole-school action on sustainable development education issues.

It is an environmental management tool, a learning resource and a recognised award scheme. It empowers young people to take action towards an economically, socially and environmentally just world.

Young People's Trust for the Environment & Nature Conservation


A charity which aims to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment and the need for sustainability. The Trust’s services include a free information service for schools and individual young people, free school talks, environmental discovery courses for school groups. Schools may register as a group member of the Trust and receive a free termly bulletin ‘Conservation Education’, which covers a variety of environmental topics related to the national curriculum. Details of the Trust’s services can be found on the website.

World-wide Education Service


Courses for 4-13 year olds, based on the English National Curriculum, for parents who want to teach their children at home, either in the UK or overseas. Call for a free copy of its booklet and newsletter.

Royal Highland Education Trust


An educational charity, established in 1999. RHET aims to create the opportunity for each child in Scotland to learn about food and farming and to ensure a wider understanding of the environmental, economic and social realities of the countryside in Scotland. Its key activites include farm visits for schools and other young people's groups, farmer speakers and resource production.

GLOBE Programme


The GLOBE Programme is an international programme for schools, encouraging pupils to measure aspects of their local environment and report their results over the Internet. Data from schools around the world are then available for pupils to use in a wide range of topics, projects and classroom activities. Read more »

Envision London


A groundbreaking educational programme that inspires and enables young people to make a difference in their schools and local communities. Our programmes provide hands-on support for young people in schools and colleges on issues relating to citizenship education, sustainable development and the local community. Read more »

Eco-Schools England


Eco schools is a great way to make sustainable development a part of the life and ethos of your school. Working through an effective citizenship model, Eco-Schools is designed to fit into the curriculum and get everyone in the school community involved in making the school environment better.

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