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Eco Kids


Eco Kids offer creative “green” activity classes for children and young people and are a great way to encourage your kids to be more environmentally aware.

Eco Kids are looking for parents interested in running their own small business as Eco-Kids licensees. You can run your own eco kids clubs, work with local schools, nurseries, children’s centres and local councils to build up a fantastic business for yourself which fits in perfectly around family life. They provide training and support and everything you’ll need to get the business up and running.

Re-create - Cardiff & Vale Play Services Association


Re-create is a Play Association that has been running for 20 years. We have a Scrapstore based in Cardiff that sells reused and arts and craft materials to improve play opportunities across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. We collect from a large number of organisation's who would usually send their unwanted waste to landfill. One mans junk is another mans treasure and in our case a companies scrap is a childs play opportunity. Read more »



Specialist online retailer selling a superb range of organic and natural baby products including organic baby clothes, children's organic clothing, natural baby skincare, fair trade toys, new baby gifts and much more.



I'm a regular Mum bringing together an array of beautiful, natural, ethical and fairly traded products from within the UK and around the world. It has been a real journey of discovery and love. My products are all hand-picked, I use them myself and recommend them to friends and family, so I really hope you like them too.

I'm committed to always abiding by at least one of the following criteria for all of our products: Natural, Organic, Fairtrade, Made in the UK, Toxin free, Ethical and Eco. Read more »

My Friendly Lunchbox


My Friendly Lunch box is an online shop specialising in safe, high quality and waste-free lunch box products. Products are free from BPA and PVC and other chemicals that potentially could leach into food and drinks. The product, which is suitable for both children and adults includes eco-chic and colourful items from Kids Konserve, Crocodile Creek, Onya and Easylunchboxes.

HiPP Organic


All the ingredients in HiPP organic baby foods are grown without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Not only are all the ingredients grown to organic standards, but they are also thoroughly tested before use, to ensure that they contain no harmful chemical residues. HiPP offers the reassurance of baby food that is pure and uncontaminated at a time in your baby's life when it really matters. Read more »

Green Mums


Green Mums is a family-run business offering a range of cloth nappies, organic, natural and fairtrade baby products. Call or email for free, no obligation cloth nappy advice.



When expecting a baby, you start wondering, planning and questioning. Things are changing and exciting times are ahead. Everything should be ready for the child. It should feel snug and safe in its new home, its nest. That is why Nesting wants to support you in all the new and important decisions on: renovating, furniture and the start of your life together with your baby.

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