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Monkey Drum


Monkey Drum is a unique and interesting business. Its mission is to continue to develop and maintain trading partnerships with small, like-minded businesses all over the world. All of the products are handmade using sustainable materials. It is not just about avoiding plastic, factories and all of that stuff, but about positively creating a new kind of trade and keeping skills and techniques alive. Specialises in, but not limited to, musical instruments and gifts.

Ethical Johnny


Ethical Johnny: Condoms with a conscience. Read more »


Tel: +44 (0) 7971 634083
Email: contact@ethicaljohnny.com
Web: www.ethicaljohnny.com

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Sexual health, condoms, lube, lubricants, massage, Fairtrade, Durex, French Letter, FairSquared



A movement which celebrates all existence as deeply connected and sacred. Activities combine the full potential of the human spirit and imagination with their passion for the survival of the diversity of life on earth. To join, call for a membership leaflet or go to the website. Membership includes three magazines and regular eNewsletters keeping you in touch with the movement throughout the UK.



Breakfast cereal manufacturers have used iconic packaging designs and highest quality card to create some of the most enduring and successful visual identities of the last 100 years. The majority currently ends up in landfill or is shipped halfway around the world to be mechanically and chemically processed into low grade pulp. Read more »

Eco Products UK


Eco Products UK is the website to visit when looking for affordable eco friendly gifts. The collection includes items made from recycled materials, eco friendly gadgets, recycling tools such as Logmaker and Paper Potter, as well as a range of fairly traded jewellery and accessories.

If you are looking for energy saving ideas for the home, have a look at the range of Sheila Maid laundry airers, Pulse water and energy saving showerheads, and the range of energy saving devices.

Educare Small School


Educare Small School offers children and parents a balanced, safe and nurturing approach to learning. We know our children well and can support them in all areas of their learning. The size of the school allows children to know each other and adults regardless of age groups. We nurture our children's development and help each child to reach their potential at their own pace.

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