Daina Co-operative Play


Daina Co-operative Play specialises in games and toys that allow children to learn about teamwork and co-operation. In their co-operative board games and card games, there is no competition between players and no single winners or losers. Instead, all players work together as a team to win the challenge created by the game. Read more »

The Earth Education Project (EEP)


EEP is a not for profit that teaches a group of women from La Chureca in Nicaragua to recycle paper by hand and create artisan products. 100% of sales go to providing fair wages and food.

Each card is handmade, recycled and unique. La Chureca is a community based around a rubbish tip and the EEP workshop gives these women a chance to a better life.



Our mission is people living in harmony with nature. It’s about respecting and valuing the natural world and finding ways to share the Earth’s resources fairly. And that means changing the way we live with different product choices to support that ethos.

We source all our products from sustainable and renewable sources. We believe that every product should be made from recycled, fairly-traded, organic, Fair-trade and FSC to name a few important values. Read more »

My Baby Gift Hampers


We offer a unique collection of baby gift hampers a choice of baby gift baskets and baby gift boxes, all the products sumptuously made and 100% organic and fair-trade certified.

Woodland Children


At Woodland Children, we offer a beautiful selection of natural toys, traditional toys and wooden toys, all with expanding children's imaginations in mind. We pay special attention to environmental considerations, toy build and quality and most importantly the quality and meaningfulness of children's play. All of our toys are exclusively made from natural materials and sourced from the UK and Europe. They are toys to be loved and cherished and passed down through the generations.

Daisy Daisy Ethical Gifts


Daisy Daisy bring you a wonderful range of fantastic fair trade gifts and ethical goodies from around the world. All of our products are carefully chosen for their quirky style and must meet at least one of the following criteria: Fairtrade, recycled, ethical, organic, hand-made or natural.

We only select things that we love and hope that you'll love them too!

Weaving Hope


Weaving Hope is a family business set up to import gorgeous hand-woven, fair trade children's gifts from Sri Lanka. Everything we sell is hand-made from hand-woven cotton, so is bright, tactile and beautiful as well as biodegradable and washable.

Because we buy fair trade, our gifts are as beautiful on the inside as they look. Weaving Hope allows you to give a present to a child you love and a future to the producers.



TreeTwist supports the work of the charity Trees for Life, restoring the Caledonian Forest in Scotland. Encouraging people to dedicate trees, they say dedicate a tree with them and they will send you a TreeTwist, a woollen accessory (Scarf/bracelet/clip) designed by Ingrid Tait and handmade in the Orkneys, to remind you of and link you to your tree, and to raise awareness of environmental issues, climate change and the benefits of restoring the forest in particular.

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