06.0402 Children’s Toys & Gifts

Wildly Woolly Ltd (UK retail for Kenana Knitters)


Wildly Woolly is an ethical and unique UK-based online kids soft toy store, set up to share the story of the wonderful women of Kenana Knitters Ltd in Kenya. Empowering women with the help of your child's smile. Read more »



greenBee is a family-run online business offering eco toys, baby carriers and bikes for children, produced in an ethical way.

eco action games


eco action games is an educational games company. We reinvent simple traditional social games and give them an eco twist. All the games have information about environmental issues and lots of suggestions as to what people can do to help reduce their environmental footprint. We aim to put some fun into the environmental challenges we face and to engage everyone in action through play. Read more »

Born Gifted Ltd


Born Gifted offer a wide selection of Fair Trade toys and gifts from accredited manufacturers from around the world. Brands include En Gry & Sif, Pebble, Barefoot Toys, Lanka Kade and Believe You Can.

All UK orders include free delivery. Born Gifted use recycled packaging materials where possible.



EcoToys was founded to manufacture HappyMais a creative toy manufactured from Mater-Bi, a natural GM-free corn starch that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Just moisten a piece of HappyMais and it will magically stick to another piece. No glue required! The pieces also stick to paper, wood, metal and glass. Food colouring is used to create bright colours and HappyMais comes in different size pieces to add variety to what can be created. A safe cutter, also made from Mater-Bi, enables pieces to be cut and shaped. Read more »

Daina Co-operative Play


Daina Co-operative Play specialises in games and toys that allow children to learn about teamwork and co-operation. In their co-operative board games and card games, there is no competition between players and no single winners or losers. Instead, all players work together as a team to win the challenge created by the game. Read more »

My Baby Gift Hampers


We offer a unique collection of baby gift hampers a choice of baby gift baskets and baby gift boxes, all the products sumptuously made and 100% organic and fair-trade certified.

Woodland Children


At Woodland Children, we offer a beautiful selection of natural toys, traditional toys and wooden toys, all with expanding children's imaginations in mind. We pay special attention to environmental considerations, toy build and quality and most importantly the quality and meaningfulness of children's play. All of our toys are exclusively made from natural materials and sourced from the UK and Europe. They are toys to be loved and cherished and passed down through the generations.

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