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Natural Birthing Company


We are practising midwives based in Nottinghamshire and we offer the very best education and maternity packages.

Our belief is a natural holistic approach to maternity care. All our products are natural.

We are proud to provide many packages for women. Visit our website for more information



National hire of birthing pools for home or hospital and the UK's longest established birthing pool hire company. The pools are made of non-tropical hardwood with a heater and water maintenance kit to keep water clean and ready for use. Currently looking for potential franchisees to build up local hire bases nationwide.



Offers information and support for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Activities include antenatal classes and information on maternity issues, breastfeeding and postnatal support including specialist advice. There are 335 branches nationwide. Campaigns to improve maternity care and for better services and facilities for new parents. There are several publications available from the NCT sales department and affiliations include Baby Milk Action, National Children's Bureau and Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative. Look on website for further information.

Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS)


AIMS was founded in 1960. It offers information, support and advice to parents about all aspects of maternity care, including parents’ rights, choices available, technological interventions, natural childbirth and complaints procedures. Produces a range of publications and a quarterly journal which contains information about obstetric and midwifery practices, research and accounts of individual experiences.

Send an SAE for free information leaflet to Publications Secretary, 56 Charmouth Court, Fairfield Park, Lyme Regis, DT7 3DS or visit our website.

Active Birth Centre


Offers a wide range of therapies including aromatherapy, homeopathy, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology and osteopathy. Also offers information courses for the full range of childbirth options, including yoga for pregnancy and baby massage. Supplies an aromatherapy range for pre and post-natal mums and babies. Mail order and shop available. See website for further information.

West London Independent Midwives


Offers a home birth service to clients within 30 mins from base. Individualised service includes pre-conceptual advice, full antenatal care, parent preparation and postnatal care up to 28 days from birth. Experienced in waterbirths.

Independent Midwives UK


An association of midwives who work in an independent capacity from the NHS and who offer continuity of care and who empower women to make informed choices and decisions at every stage of their pregnancy. A large proportion of the Association’s bookings are for homebirths and the rest are for planned hospital births. The Association liaises with other health professionals if and when necessary. All visits are generally in women’s homes and midwives usually look after clients from booking until four weeks after the birth and are available (or a colleague) at all times.

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