Green Gain Ltd


Green Gain is a vibrant young consultancy specialising in helping businesses to increase profitability and enhance their environmental credentials.

We help businesses to respond to increasing resource and energy prices through a range of strategic and practical approaches, including:

  • Develop an effective resource management strategy
  • Make efficiency savings on energy, waste and water
  • Generate income from renewable energy
  • Develop and market green products
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Re:centre, University of Bradford,
Richmond Road,
Bradford BD7 1DP
United Kingdom

Climate Markets & Investment Association (CMIA)


The Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA) is the voice of the climate, sustainable finance and services community.

Governments and policy makers across the world recognise CMIA as a leader among progressive trade associations with regards to incentivising low-carbon and resource efficient investment through market mechanism, pre-compliance markets, or climate and sustainable finance mechanisms. Read more »


100 New Bridge Street,
London EC4V 6JA
United Kingdom

Plan Bee Ltd


Plan Bee is the fastest way to make a natural positive impact on your local environment.

We are a micro international eco-innovation business specialising in the establishment and management of honeybee hives. We offer solutions for companies to enhance their corporate social responsibility (CSR) values through projects surrounding the decline of the honeybee within the UK. Read more »


3/3 Etna Estate,
Clamp Road,
Motherwell ML2 7XQ
United Kingdom

Oak Grove Associates


'Innovating for a brighter future'

We are an advisory and facilitation business working at the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

We support businesses, charities and the education sector to come up with new ways of thinking and doing, make creative connections and alliances and enhance the social and environmental impact of their work. We also facilitate long-term prosperity and responsible growth for the good of all stakeholders, be they employees, customers, shareholders, wider society or the ecosystems on which we all rely. Read more »

BRICKER - Total Renovation Strategies for Energy Reduction in Public Building Stock


Buildings owned by public bodies account for a considerable share of the building stock and have high visibility in public life. As such the European public sector can be an important driver for more efficient products, buildings and services, and for promoting behavioural changes in energy consumption by citizens and enterprises. Read more »


Acciona Infraestructuras, Technology & Innovation Division,
Concejal Francisco Ballesteros,4,
Sevilla 41018

Kotuku CIC


Kotuku CIC campaigns for sustainability in the Construction Industry. Its Café Van project provides site-based environmental training.

Its KELP (Kotuku Environmental Labourer Project) programme trains young unemployed people and places them in full time work. It also provides environmental consultancy services to commercial clients.


124a Becklow Road,
London W12 9HJ
United Kingdom


Key Words

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WRAP’s vision is a world where resources are used sustainably. Its work helps people recycle more and waste less, both at home and at work, and offers economic as well as environmental benefits.

WRAP works with a wide range of partners, from major UK businesses, trade bodies and local authorities through to individuals looking for practical advice. WRAP always aims to work together with others to achieve the best results. Read more »


The Old Academy,
21 Horse Fair,
Banbury OX16 0AH
United Kingdom
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