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The Clearing


The Clearing is an online magazine published by Little Toller Books that offers readers, writers and artists a dedicated space in which to explore and celebrate the landscapes we live in. Our contributors are encouraged to go forth and find distinctive visions that startle us, rural or urban, modern or prehistoric, industrial, post-industrial, fantastical, natural, political, however they come. But each contribution will be meaningful, surprising, felt. We welcome new readers and new authors. Read more »


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Daisygreenmagazine.co.uk is an online women's magazine with an ethical twist. It's an upbeat mix of fashion, beauty, interviews, make&dos, blogs and giveaways. The website can be visited at any time and it has thousands of subscribers who receive a free weekly e-newsletter keeping them up to date with the latest articles and goodies.


Tel: +44 (0) 7939 537 123
Email: nicola@daisygreenmagazine.co.uk
Web: www.daisygreenmagazine.co.uk


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The Ecologist


Now an environmental affairs website, the magazine was founded in 1970, and is read in 150 countries. Topics covered include: economic growth; science; environmental destruction; politics; globalisation; technology; health and big business. These are subjected every month to the scrutiny of expert writers, commentators and a unique style of investigative journalism. It is essential reading for those prepared to rethink basic assumptions.


102 Lana House Studios,
116-118 Commercial Street,
London E1 6NF
United Kingdom
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