Case Study: 07 Transport

BMW presses ahead with development of systems for inductive charging of electric and plug-in hybrid cars

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Driving pleasure and sustainability are fused together in unprecedented fashion in the all-electric BMW i3 and the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Their high-voltage batteries can be recharged quickly and easily by means of the BMW i Wallbox that forms part of the 360° ELECTRIC portfolio.

This sophisticated charging station with fast-charge facility for feeding cars with power either at home or at work underlines the all-embracing approach adopted by the BMW i brand when it comes to developing products and services for sustainable mobility of premium calibre. Read more »

Michelin: Ballymena Factory Energy Efficiency

Michelin's Ballymena factory in Northern Ireland manufactures bus and truck tyres and formalised its commitment to Energy Efficiency in 2007, with the appointment of Gary McNeill to the Post of Energy Manager.

With a utilities bill exceeding £8.5million, energy is a serious subject within the Ballymena site, now being the second largest cost after payroll (excluding raw materials). Furthermore, unit costs in 2008 were the highest across Michelin's competing European Sites.

Michelin Active Wheel: The Wheel has been Reinvented

In terms of transport innovation, the reinvention of the wheel sits at the top of desired breakthrough technology.

Michelin's Active Wheel, with its integration of tyre, braking system, motorization and electric suspension, can truly lay claim to this most sought after of motor engineering 'holy grails' – offering a potential revolution for motoring and transport in the future.

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