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GE Aviation Wales saves £1.4 million on energy bills

GE Aviation Wales has seen a saving of £1.4 million on its energy bills since it made a commitment to improving its energy efficiency with the help of Carbon Trust Wales.
The company, which specialises in servicing aircraft engines, invested £200,000 into energy saving projects since its initial survey with Carbon Trust Wales in 2006 and has since benefitted from savings seven times over that figure.
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New PaperTies offer a plastic-free, sustainable option for M&S packaging

M&S, working with Design Futures at Sheffield Hallam University, has launched a new packaging innovation that will make it much easier to remove toys from their box and could see the end of the fiddly plastic ties and wire clips widely used in toy packaging. Read more »

Solving two problems in one: Buckinghamshire’s Wing Hall launches one social project to finance another

The newly refurbished Wing Hall. Trustee Malcolm Oliver says, “Charity Bank took the time to listen to us and worked with us to make sure that our loan application was viable.”

The conundrum: Wing Hall Trust needed £100,000 to convert a surplus building which would in turn provide income to support its charitable work; but its bank turned down the loan application. The solution: the Trust turned to Charity Bank which approved a 10-year loan that can also be repaid early with no penalty. Read more »

Michelin: Ballymena Factory Energy Efficiency

Michelin's Ballymena factory in Northern Ireland manufactures bus and truck tyres and formalised its commitment to Energy Efficiency in 2007, with the appointment of Gary McNeill to the Post of Energy Manager.

With a utilities bill exceeding £8.5million, energy is a serious subject within the Ballymena site, now being the second largest cost after payroll (excluding raw materials). Furthermore, unit costs in 2008 were the highest across Michelin's competing European Sites.

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