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Collections that are entirely made up of reclaimed pre-consumer waste materials, unwanted and discarded, done-with, but still perfectly useable, still beautiful, still functional. Each piece is individually cut from high quality reclaimed fabrics including cashmere, cotton, silk, jersey, tweeds and wovens. So the singular beauty of each garment lies in its uncompromising balance between a contemporary approach to fashion design and a poetic and ethical solution to borrowing from past treasures for our modern needs.


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7998 9939
Email: sales@fromsomewhere.co.uk
Web: www.fromsomewhere.co.uk

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reclaimed, pre-consumer, waste, material, individual, ethical, balance, recycled

TED Project


Over the last ten years TED has been developing a set of practice-based sustainable design strategies that assist designers in creating textiles that have a reduced impact on the environment.

All of the research is based on the estimation that decisions made in design are responsible for eighty to ninety percent of a product's environmental and economic costs (Graedel et al. 1995). This places a clear responsibility in the lap of the designer and is the driver for the development of the sustainable textile design strategies. Read more »

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