Forests are key to the greening of European economies

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Poland ©FAO Forestry/Marek Bodyz

Europe's forest ministers and other high-level delegates from 40 countries have gathered this week in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi to discuss how forests can help European nations move further towards the goal of greening their economies. Read more »

Plastic found to account for the majority of marine microlitter accumulating in the food chain

Fluorescent polystyrene microspheres in the intestines of a water flea. (Photo © Outi Setälä)

Researchers at the Finnish Environment Institute have for the first time successfully demonstrated that microplastics are transferred in the marine food web. The study also provided additional support to suspicions that many plankton organisms are unable to separate plastic particles from their natural food and that they therefore also ingest plastic. Read more »

New study shows that protected marine reserves enhance resilience to climate change

Species such as the blue-throated wrasse were observed in greater numbers in a marine reserve southeast of Tasmania following protection from fishing, which led to greater community stability and resilience. (Picture credit Dr Rick Stuart-Smith)

A new study, led by a University of Southampton scientist, highlights the potential for fish communities in marine reserves to resist climate change impacts better than communities on fished coasts. Read more »

£120,000 on offer to create an inspiring green space using UK native plants

These special Grow Wild projects are one part of the overall UK campaign that aims to inspire three million people to take direct action for UK native wild flowers and get outside in their local communities

The second phase of a £10.5m campaign to bring people and communities together to sow, grow and support UK native wild flowers is underway. Grow Wild inspires people to get together to transform unloved urban sites into wildlife-friendly wild flower patches reconnecting them with the outdoors and with each other. Read more »

University of Essex project helps to protect the world’s wetland landscapes

Action to help preserve some of the world’s most valuable ecosystems is behind a major international project, led by the University of Essex. The culmination of the five-year project has been the development of an integrated action planning toolkit on wetland conservation and management, which can be adapted to help provide bespoke solutions to protect valuable ecosystems around the globe. Read more »

Little Book of Big Deforestation Drivers provides 24 catalysts to address deforestation

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This hypothetical supply chain of a burger illustrates the complexity of global supply chains and the numerous actors and stages involved in the production and trade of a product from the forest to the end consumer.

A new book published today (Monday 18th November) by the Global Canopy Programme (GCP) outlines the global context to the drivers of deforestation. Read more »

Report exposes threat to dam ‘Lost World’ in Guyana

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Chai-Chai gorge, just below the falls where, in a third phase of the Amaila hydro project, a dam would be built to divert the headwaters of the upper Mazaruni into the Kuribrong and Amaila rivers in the Potaro basin © Audrey Butt Colson

Plans to build a massive hydro-electric dam on the land of two unique tribes in Guyana would lead to the destruction of a unique people and vast tracts of rainforest, a new report has revealed today. Read more »

Keeping Britain Buzzing with free cups of organic coffee at Le Pain Quotidien

To celebrate the last day of summer and in support of the Soil Association’s Keep Britain Buzzing campaign, Le Pain Quotidien will be giving away free cups of organic coffee on the morning of 23 September, the last day of summer.

The free coffee will be available at five different Le Pain Quotidien outlets across London:

Le Pain Quotidien St Paul’s
2 St. Paul's Churchyard
London EC4M 8AP

Le Pain Quotidien Soho
68-70 Wardour Street

Le Pain Quotidien Highgate
86 Highgate High Street
N6 5HX Read more »

World Rhino Day marked by shocking increase of 5000% in poaching since 2007

For the sixth year in a row the number of rhinos poached in South Africa has risen resulting in a 5000% increase. In 2007 13 rhinos were killed while in 2013 so far the total is 618.

A recent study by wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC found that buyers and users of rhino horn primarily consider it a status symbol and often gift it to family members, business colleagues or people in positions of authority. Read more »

Ascent on the Shard: pictures from Greenpeace's audacious bid to raise awareness of Arctic oil drilling

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After 15 hours of arduous climbing on the sheer face of Western Europe’s tallest building, six women climbers from Greenpeace reached the top of the Shard at 07.08pm on Thursday night (11.07.13). The climbers were cheered by crowds gathered at the foot of the skyscraper and watched by tens of thousands through a live stream on the Greenpeace website.

Having reached the 310 metre peak, two of the activists waved a 32-square-foot flag with the demand “Save the Arctic” written across it. Read more »

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