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Call of the Brave


Call of the Brave is a crowdfunding platform for T-shirt designs. If a design is successfully backed the design is screen printed on either organic cotton, recycled polycotton (cotton offcuts mixed with recycled plastic bottles), or bamboo, and sent out to the backers. When a new T-shirt is sent out we ask for an old one in return - customers are incentivised by paying a deposit on the packaging - any old shirts we get back are upcycled into new things which we sell for charity. Read more »


Tel: +44 (0) 7970 948 986

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Cabrito Goat Meat


Cabrito Goat Meat supplies high quality British ‘Kid’ goat carcasses to the catering trade nationwide. And, starting in June 2015, Cabrito's kid goat products will for the first time be available from the online supermarket Ocado.

Cabrito do not breed goats. They take the billies from the dairy industry helping to end the industry practice of culling at birth. They have farms across the South West raising billies, operating to the highest welfare standards.

So by eating Cabrito's kids you’re consuming an otherwise wasted food source.

Wild Food Kitchen


Locally sorced wild game and foraged food used to create gastromic delights and delicacies for festivals, events and private functions.


7 Trerice, St Newlyn East,
Newquay TR8 4PH
United Kingdom



Slingtastic is a business that has carefully selected a small range of really good slings and baby carriers and wants to help you to find the one that is right for you and your child.

Finding the right carrier not only makes everyday life easier both in and out of the house, but enables you to carry on giving your child the cuddles and security that he or she may need whilst you carry on with other everyday activities. Read more »

New Dawn Traders Ltd


We are an independent trading company based in the South West of England. At the moment we sell Rum brought to our shores by the pioneering engineless tall ship, Tres Hombres. This year we have made our own New Dawn Chocolate out of Dominican Republic cocoa beans also delivered under sail.

Our exotic treasures are chosen for their exceptional taste and ethical goodness from soil to serving. The entire supply chain is our adventure and we’d like to share it with you!


Hamilton House,
80 Stokes Croft,
Bristol BS1 3QY
United Kingdom

Butterfly Conservation


The UK charity taking action to save butterflies, moths and their habitats. Over the last 50 years, many species of butterfly and moth have declined dramatically in both abundance and range. More than half our native butterfly species are now under serious threat and five are already extinct in the UK. You can directly help to support the vital conservation work by joining the organisation.


Manor Yard,
East Lulworth BH20 5QP
United Kingdom



Provides simple, practical and cost-effective ways for individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and to offset the remaining unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions so that they can achieve carbon zero status and help to make climate change history.


1 Discovery House, Cook Way,
Bindon Road,
Taunton TA2 6BJ
United Kingdom

Resource Futures Ltd


Resource Futures is an independent environmental consultancy business.

Our vision is for a circular economy in which resources are used and re-used efficiently and effectively, minimising the impact of consumption and production on the environment.

We focus on high quality collection and expert analysis and interpretation of data to guide our customers in the efficient use of material resources; and on the delivery of innovative behaviour change programmes. Read more »


The CREATE Centre,
Smeaton Road,
Bristol BS1 6XN
United Kingdom
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